About myself

My name is Desmond Ravenstone. I’ve been an activist since high school, for well over three decades (yes, I’m that old). Politically, I don’t identify strictly with any particular ideology; the term “left-libertarian” could be considered a good fit, and I am a member of the Massachusetts Pirate Party. The best philosophical label for me would be utilitarian or “deep pragmatist” – I go with what works to improve well-being and reduce suffering. That’s why I support sex workers’ rights, including and especially the full decriminalization of commercial/transactional sex between consenting adults..

About this blog

First, the title. During a conversation with friends, I was in an exchange with one woman about sex work, for almost an hour. When it ended, she declared me “quite a bulldog” on the issue. She’s right. One of my intellectual heroes, Thomas Henry Huxley, took on the role of “Darwin’s Bulldog” in defense of evolutionary theory, with fierce intelligence and wry humor. So, this blog is devoted to a philosophical response to the claims of those who seek to ban prostitution, whether because of misguided idealism or dogmatic ideology. Comments are welcome, but will be moderated; please stay on topic and refrain from personal attacks. And if you have news or general questions, send me a message via the Contact page.